Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dissociated Path: Open_Notes 13

infinite growth predicated upon a finite resource = cancerous; the world's society has a terminal disease; feeding on itself - not ballistic growth but cannibalistic growth - there is nothing more dangerous than a misinformed democracy - mattoidal world-view: unbalanced (psychotic) - mass psychosis (the social personality is very seriously disorganized, contact with reality impaired) - the "social design" - society shrink wrapped - the one who can swallow the madness of this world is truly insane - brain damaged, unusable, and its failure to work is due to poor [design] rather than some accident - deliberately crippled in some way - brain dead - terminal design failure rather than malfunction or simple stupidity.

raising themselves by lowering others - willing to jeopardize the future for present advantage - the rape of mother_earth - there is more than rain falling in the forest - if we have to consume our way into prosperity the environment will never survive - "ethical consumerism" - complimentary eco(logy)(nomy) - increased responsibility - "home_remedy" - the appropriate use of technology - simple, natural approaches -- selfish consumerism = a symptom of the infectious illness of our society.

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