Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dissociated Path: Open_Notes 2

MEDIA = Communicable Disease (our sick minds, society/public mind) - Media, entertainment etc., highly spiced work, able to attract and amuse the mind but incapable of elevating and inspiring it - dumbing down effect - (pornography, violence, fantasy) - moral crisis, unrest -- dis_sociation, 1 a split in the conscious process in which a group of mental activities breaks away from the main stream of consciousness and functions as a separate unit, as if belonging to another person (possessed) 2 the abnormal separation of related ideas, thoughts, or emotions.

absorbing our minds and memories ( > assimilation - the absorption and incorporation of nutritive elements) - empoison [1 (archaic) to make poisonous; taint or corrupt 2 to embitter; envenom]; venom -ous -media -- anti-venom serum needed (subDialogue extraction) - affected (1 attacked by disease 2 influenced; acted upon 3 emotionally moved or touched) > affective awareness (of, or arising from affects, or feelings; emotional) vs. affectless infection (lacking emotion, feeling, passion, etc.) > sentinel [L. sentire, to feel, sense] to guard, watch.

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