Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dissociated Path: Open_Notes 3

feeding on us - "media vacuum" slowly sucking the very life out of us - atmosphere of unrest, revolution, reprisals - dissociated press (separated from truth) - travesty generators - media circus - the press making the news, not reporting it only - gossip, rumour, innuendo, manipulation of facts - business agenda (ratings, sales) - acceptance by politics/society - THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS - manufactured consent, compliance - THE DE-EVALUATION OF HUMANITY.

seduction and rape of our minds - mediagenic (attractive, appealing) - media-eugenics - visual splendor of society outshines the oppression that makes it possible - flooding the mind - washing away all sensibility -- part of the emotion but removed from the reality - detached from the consequences (ie., tv news audience; investments) - mental junk-food - information fatigue syndrome - "sos" stuck on stupid - the universal element in the soul of man burns dimly - trance-formation of society - when one enters the realm of the dream the rules of reason are suspended - the blurring of the line between life and entertainment - you can judge a society (or an individual) by how it entertains itself.

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