Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dissociated Path: Open_Notes 4

learned behaviour - operant behaviour, push the buttons - demanding a never-ending sacrifice to the State - repetitive epic -- epistasis (genetics; the suppression of gene expression by one or more other genes) of thought; a stopping, to place upon, to stand -- ossify vt. [1 to change or develop into bone 2 to settle or fix rigidly in a practise, custom, attitude, etc.] - ossification n. (bone-head); Ossuary n. -aries [a container, as an urn, vault, etc., for the bones of the dead.

fasting vs. media - risk of exposure (guard your mind, erase the imprints) - bone of contention [a matter for argument; subject about which there is disagreement] - shifting sensory balance - re-calibrate the sensors - our perception/reality is a series of images - change the images, alter the perception - square the circle of deception - look for the reasons - the dark end of the street - our only weapon is our refusal - "still" on a restless planet; on a restless planet they are still - comprehensive epidemic prevention strategy - strategic implementation -- civilization = civil_realization vs. the consensus textbook (media), ie., reading a newspaper, vastly different conclusions (perceptual filters) - framework, worldview - our best defence in a good intelligence system - information warfare - info-weaponry -- awake to a critical awareness vs. the Gospel of Consumption.

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