Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eco_nomics vs. Economics: Open_Notes 4

the new freedom purchased by the elimination of spirit was itself deeply flawed - the world of work, maximizing our own advantage, pushing ourselves without regards to the consequences of others - we are learning how not to treat others created in the image of God - society is filled with these values which undermine spirituality - unwilling to challenge the corrupt spiritual and ethical basis of the market society - devastating consequences for everyone - a totally utilitarian, manipulative, technocratic world, "what can I get from you" - the rise of fascism in the 1930s - understood the hunger of the heart - they speak to meaning vs. an economistic reading of the situation - its not just the economy, there is a hunger for meaning and purpose in the heart.

Social Responsibility Amendment - corporate charters of 20 years and then renewal upon an "ethical impact report" - workers, community, ecological considerations (ie., FCC Regulations in place today for licensing) - corporate charters to be a covenant with society - building "common ground" means moving to a "higher ground" - reconciling different focii, different groups - articulating the fundamental principles of building a society based on love and caring, recognizing everyone as deserving love and respect. -- [Notes 3,4][based on CBC Futureworld, Michael Lerner, "Politics of Meaning", Tikkun Magazine (Hebrew "to mend the world"), Jun.98]

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