Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eco_nomics vs. Economics: Open_Notes 3

Social Responsibility Amendment to the US Constitution - the "politics of meaning" is an attempt to change the bottom line in American society from the current definition of what we are looking for in society - productivity and efficiency - (money and power maximization) - we are looking for a new bottom line with love and caring and ethical, spiritual and ecological sensitivity as a part of the definition of a productive institution.

we are in a deep spiritual and ethical crisis - a hunger for meaning and purpose, a need - central deprivation of meaning and purpose in a world in which selfishness and materialism is reinforced - little opportunity to connect to a framework of meaning and purpose in our own lives - the focus on individual success and power began to create a deep distortion in every aspect of human life, marginalizing love, making solidarity and caring for each other seem like Utopian fantasies, relegating ethical and spiritual values to the weekends and to the margins of society.

we must reject the definitions of realism given to us by the corporate society - we must be "unrealistic" - there is a power in the universe that makes for the possibility of transformation and healing of the world - moving from that which is to that which ought to be - that force is "God" - be unrealistic vs. fitting into the frame of the world that is - religious systems were appropriated by the ruling elites who took religious ideas and manipulated them in the service of the unfair distribution of wealth and power, and given that, religion and spirituality itself became an adjunct to oppressive, feudal, aristocratic and patriarchal systems - that which was most wonderful of spirituality was subverted by the existing systems of power - as a result many rejected religion, went for themselves.

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