Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Media Democracy: Open_Notes 2

invective firestorm consuming all opposition (ie. Rush Limbaugh) commonplace - talking to the majority as if it were the endangered minority - unacknowledged conscience to groupness - more and more surrounded by megawatted "assumptions of being" without intelligence, the coded epithets - the mocking, angry, endless tirades, non-specific slurs vs. these people, those minorities, feminazis, liberals, scumbags, gays, jerks, loonies, foreigners - society drenched in verbal brutality - the human mask; the human, masking... - where are the borders of this cartoon life - an imprisoned one - just one long joke without end?

media democracy - structure of ownership and control has to be changed - community of interest - the Internet - future, downstream architecture, infrastructure? - open platform? - everyone a service provider - immediacy and scope of communication, information - the mechanism that connects one to many and many to one, the inverse of TV - major change in the world due to new ways of communicating - ungovernable in a healthy way - the new media landscape - "The Third Wave" (Alvin, Heidi Toffler) - crave the wave (of change) - whose information? - privileged information, information privilege - an informed democracy - information widely and freely available. -- [Notes 1,2][based on Janine Jackson, Research Director FAIR; Patricia Williams, commentator; Knowledge Network, "Signal to Noise", May.98]

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