Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Media Democracy: Open_Notes 3

the world is a business - a college of corporations - the binding of ownership limitations, social control non-existent - narrowing access, concentrating ownership in fewer hands - media monopolies; consolidation of media companies, mergers in the name of competition across the media spectrum - vertical ownership - content and delivery pipelines (access restricted) - exclusivity (joint ventures, very tight interlocked matrix) - the blending of entertainment and news - Congress 1996 fait-accompli.

passive reception, acceptance by society - [the TV is on, the mind is off - an instilled public need] - the media that reports to the people on the state of the world has joined up with maximization of share-holder value as a public good when in actuality it is NOT a public good - traditional news value does not determine what is shown - what is good for the media corporation determines what is shown to the public; the FCC, Congressional Oversight Committees should be determining the public interest NOT the corporate interest, but have given the corporations more than they have asked for - the concept of public airwaves has no meaning now - [they are now "private" airwaves] - no rent, lease charged.

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