Thursday, October 15, 2009

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 12

memory - mind mapping - 1 imagery; 2 organize and locate; 3 associate, to link things together - map out your thought - smart drugs - neotropics - to enhance oxygen, to improve the metabolism of the brain - B-Complex Vitamins, the foundation of brain function - Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba - the brain is already optimized through millions of years of development - smart drugs to achieve a higher effective use of what talents and abilities you already have - nature-nurture, genes-environment - a blend of both determine intelligence.

new standards of achievement, new worlds of opportunity and attention, prodigies - extraordinary focus, high ideals - able to touch people and lead people in very powerful causes and directions, ie., Jesus, Gandhi, etc. - artistic genius pushing culture forward - focus, dedication - special ability, recognition of brilliance - a greater instinct, genius - give yourself permission to do it - focus carries genius to those great moments of insight, something remarkable - exceptional talent to master but genius so dominates that it transforms the field - talent and dedication, nature and nurture - genius-level performance - focus on the task-at-hand, the entire brain - genius for the most part is genetic - rarely does genius cross it's own boundaries.

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