Thursday, October 15, 2009

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 13

be constantly open to new ideas and inspiration - mental involvement - mentation, build steps, essence of one step to the next step - think long and hard - strategy and deception, charisma, faith in their judgement - slow deliberation, quick-thinkingness - intellect capable of understanding, temperament to make it work - able to pull-the-trigger, let's go! - capitalize on the arrogance of your opponents, ie., military operations, waging peace (wear down) - use your own creativity to do something new and constructive.

spy-master (cynicism, paranoia, able to outwit, devious, deceptive) - interpersonal intelligence - people are not always what they seem - a good actor - master of imagination and illusion - code-breaker, intellectual mass - genius driven by ideology, sense of destiny, mission - durable imprint on a field - the fulcrum of monumental change in human history, is often genius - comes from a certain madness, something in their mind has taken them - focus the dividing line between talent and genius -- through the clarity of vision we call genius, the human race has raised it gaze from the bog of our beginnings to a limitless universe of possibility - before and after genius the world is not the same, it's sweep touches all lives - standing on the shoulders of genius we are offered a unique vantage point to see further, enabling us to see far into our future or look back and learn from our past - crave the inspiration, the fuel to drive forward. -- [Notes 11,12,13][based on A&E, "Mystery of Genius", Dec.98]

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