Thursday, October 15, 2009

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 8

a drop in the bucket (physical, restrained, limited) or a (spiritual) drop in the river of righteousness - to water the universe (creation) - thought = mind in motion (words, art - moving ideas - thought time) - string theory - threads of thought (dream weaver) - Robes of Righteousness - woven by spiritual threads - Trees of Righteousness - roots (use of all available food) - Matter, Energy, Thought (speed of thought), infinite velocity, (Psm 147:5 God's understanding infinite) -- thoughts (patterns of energy) - imprints on the self_conscious - inner dialogue - stop the negative thoughts, the negative chatter - inner hypnosis - thoughts influence our lives - we are what we think, we think (by means of) what we are - where is thought if it never leaves the thinker?

bring form to thought - discover meaning in experience - becoming human - experience your thoughts - act on them (open the window of opportunity) - tempering the chains of logic vs. weak links - "thinko" (ie. typo) a bubble in the stream of consciousness - the Great Link - form and thought, idea and sensation - the Idea Factory - meritocracy - change your way of thinking, definitions - get your mind working for you - bring your every thought unto obedience of Christ and His righteousness (clean through the Word) - conceptual shift - cognitive therapy - re-evaluating how a person thinks - put your life back into perspective - a new way of living, lifestyle.

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