Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 1

the reckoning - the end or the beginning - do not confuse faith with ambition - yield to the higher power - command authority - absolute becoming vs. conduct unbecoming - formulas of behaviour - everyday conduct - standards - our conduct reflects the value we place on truth - character - moral imprint on one's behaviour - what we have "in mind" determines our actions - what you think about, you bring about (where your treasure is) - our actions - embodying the mind - personality aspects, its emotions - the voices in the mind - sometimes the situation determines the terms - our behaviour determined by our internal dynamics - inhibitor n. inhibit n. [1 restrain, curb, to hold back or keep from some action, feeling, etc. check or repress 2 [rare] to prohibit; forbid] a mental or psychological process that restrains or suppresses an action, emotion, or thought.

sacrifice of principles in order to survive? (violation of principles as a matter of cause in order to protect them) - people who venture beyond the rim of known space (the event horizon) should not be surprised if they encounter shadows - sometimes the best move is not to - minimum code = minimum character - inspect yourself, your building code. sensitivity and discretion are appreciated by all concerned - truth is not flexible but half-truths can bend until they snap - the truth is always the best, even if it doesn't always make sense - toward the habit of truth - straight talk not word-play; (diplomacy/mad policy; cures/curse; sacred/scared) - truth in <> out - blended data (mixed fibers) or pure data (fine linen).

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