Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 2

words typify an attitude - the implied - there is nothing so powerful as the unspoken - perception is much more profound than reality - governance of ourselves - tempered by wisdom - anger is danger without the "d" - the physical/spiritual components and aspects of our lives - sometimes when things don't work out we return to the devil we know - remain true to the truth vs. excuses, liability trail - willing to die for the truth or willing to die for the lies? - every choice we make has consequences - we are incredibly resistant to change because it disrupts feelings of comfort and familiarity.

find the divisions between what you are and what you are not - with every new choice we can change who we are going to be - different choices = alternate paths - me against the world - personal culture of conscience - conscientious objector - EXPATRIATE (to withdraw from one's native land or allegiance to it) - a marginal rebel on the edge of the world - roaming the backroads -- personal narrative (common_place book) - I'm just as confused as everyone else, but I've accepted the confusion and am now looking for the answers, to unravel the confusion - the more questions we answer, the more answers we end up questioning - blind spots (ie. in science) - "by the questions we pose, ourselves we deceive, so limited in thought, by what we choose to perceive" (-Dave Marchant, Boston Univ., NG Magazine, "Antarctic", Oct.98).

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