Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 14

stopping: how to be still when we have to keep going: 1 still points - turn in, moments, prayer, etc. (a connoisseur of the moment); 2 stop overs - longer periods of time, hours, weekends, etc.; 3 grinding halts - so distracted by the unresolved - waiting for something to happen so that your life begins = needs, decisions based on reality; requires months.

wanting change is not the same as changing - take responsibility: 1 know what you want - you cannot claim it if you cannot name it; (name it to claim it); 2 barriers to what we want - choices, decisions vs. obstacles; 3 what must I do to get it? - commitment, program yourself to do it vs. willpower - winners do things that losers don't want to do; 4 don't look outside yourself to find the answer - giving your power away to someone else - your level of value and worth - give ourselves what we wish someone else would give us - look in the mirror - treat yourself with dignity and respect and do not accept anything less from others -- set goals - live the life of your dreams - the difference between a goal and a dream: 1 a goal is specific; 2 a goal has a timeline; 3 a goal has accountability -- you cannot change without acknowledgement - we always have choices - horrible things happen, they either take you out or move you up - my time, my turn - do it. [Oprah Winfrey, Apr.10.98]

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