Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 5

rediscover, adjust your sense of time - live (dreams, faith, hope) - never go back to what you were - the results will change your life - present determined by the future vs. present determined by the past - you are the dreamer and the dream - thoughts, perceptions, relationships - you cannot go back to your normal (former) life, you are no longer the same person, and thecourse of your life will change as a result - where that new course leads is up to you - meditation - positive (light) thinking - the continual [present] of our own experiences - time doesn't stand still - we take ourselves out of time when we become lost in our present experience - time sinks - I will not deny myself this experience, not curiosity, desire - more out of life - to experience and be experienced.

integrative medicine - synthesis (natural/science) not alternative or complimentary - healthy habits last a lifetime = prevention - start today to protect yourself tomorrow - the interplay between thoughts, emotions - hormones and the immune system - a foundation of education, diet, exercise and meditation - CONVIVIUM, convivencia [education, discipline of mynd, exercise, nutrition] - a time of learning - Garden (Isa 58:11) of Eden - to embrace the future fully, one must give to it the very best of oneself - you have to do it, no one else can - react to people vs. just letting people react to you (conceit) - recycling time = genes, habit, memory - culture, customs etc. = habits (anti-habits), high culture (bad habits) - Eccl 1:9"that which has been is what will be" - an actor, reenact(or) on the human, world stage - examine the human species - the core of our humanity - we are so disconnected from our core humanity.

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