Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 4

create the life you deserve - a new approach - maximize - reflect reality - the reality in terms of the capacity, ability and willingness to assume added or new responsibilities - we all have more than one identity (home, church, work, play, etc.), relationships/identity (emotional fulfillment), family, business, etc. - the "art" of recognition - when we look at "art" and see ourselves - escape the ordinary - to be awake is to be alive - days are not something to get through, days are something to live - a day that shapes everyday that follows - everyday is a journey and the journey itself is home - if I find my own way - how much will I find? - experience the continuity of the journey - truly celebrate the eternal within each moment - discover your personal strength - it lies in your coping style that has gotten you this far - shift depression to hope.

transcending limits - resisting limits - faith, belief in action - what we are learning doesn't seem to have an ending - when am I? - same questions, no certain answers - nothing new here - just expanding the old -- learn / past, live / present, dream / future -- sometimes we have to look back to move forward - there are many things hidden in time that we have yet to learn - the past embraces the present and the future is wide open - linear time / existence - where are we existing? - stuck in a moment of time? (frame of mind, motives, actions, etc., past, present, future) - separate now from later - "time senses" - how we speak (talk) of time - the past makes sense of the present, the present structure shapes the future - the change that sparks the future is rooted in discovering what sparked the past and present - for the future to be bright, it must be lit by the lamp of learning - time(only) records a body of truth.

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