Friday, October 9, 2009

The New Dark Ages: Open_Notes 2

poverty, ethnic strife, and corrupt private capital will throw the world into a bitter struggle between the have's and the have-not's - violent transformation - nothing is permanent - geography affects economy - the rich will move away from the poor, rather than spend their money on taxes, welfare, etc. - a new fragmentary society - we are building more borders - the Internet will liberate people from the nation state into a new global, international elite class, economy, interests - a new medievalism, no longer an economic tie to the nation state - the erosion of the nation state - patriotism cannot survive without economic self-interest - elite economic self-interest no longer tied to the nation - vast new urban pods, conglomerations, polycentric, dedicated to global commerce, high-technology platforms to world trade - nations ie., Canada/US working their way out of history, a gradual transition, becoming economic and cultural junction points to the worlds most talented people - concentrations of the best, elites united, colluded, anything possible - an oligarchy forming - elites revolting from social responsibility - "Cascadia" OR, WA, BC - the submerging of Canada - NA regionalism the result in the US - a high regard for history is essential to understand the future. -- [based on CBC Hot Type, Sep.20.98, "An Empire Wilderness", author Robert D. Kaplan]

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