Friday, October 9, 2009

The New Dark Ages: Open_Notes 3

the "nation state" to be surpassed by an anarchic, corporate state - wealthy elites and corporations will bypass the nation - democracy is bad for business - eCommerce will hasten the collapse of civilization as we know it - an anarchic global trade system governed by natural selection - a "new barbarian manifesto" - the "nation" a Victorian invention, formed to fool the masses into believing they belong, that they have a place.

technology is giving the elites, the super-rich a place to run - capital flight - rerouteing around the cause of the nation state - increasingly valueless jobs - social disruption - the rich will leave, setting up a cosmopolitan, economic unit, ie., city-states - abandoning their social responsibilities - changing the rules - the nation state is a formula for manufacturing wealth - protection of the elitist elements waning, the status-quo - the revolt of the elite, moving out, a different set of values vs. the Judeao-Christian values (values of yesterday), survival of the fittest in the extreme - the "invention" of society, progress, the social contract, a western concept - 70% of the world not included, stolen from to support the west - the future will institutionalize poverty.

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