Friday, October 9, 2009

The New Dark Ages: Open_Notes 4

morality is the prejudice of the powerful - the new power emerging will have a new morality - power vs. sentimentality - a Darwinian society forming: humanity is the problem, not corporations - the children of tomorrow are tomorrow's polluters - the nation state is an extortionist, demanding your profits - it's a question of how much - the elites will revolt, leave - natural selection vs. the social delusion of a welfare state - the world is cruel - we delude ourselves - beyond good and evil - most people will march along with the inevitable -- go with the flow - get out, or impose your own will, your own vision -- most of societies problems are created by societies collectives who claim to be moral and who are not - law and justice are not the same - the law will protect whatever the winners decide - mutation of society vs. liberal baggage, sentimentality - new categories will evolve - when things get tough, liberal ideas go out the window. -- [Notes 3,4][based on CBC Futureworld, Ian Angel, LSE Professor of Information Systems, anarchist, author "Barbarian Manifesto", Jul.05.98]

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