Friday, October 9, 2009

The New Dark Ages: Open_Notes 6

manageable SAGE-educated wealthy class (vested interest cohesion) - many left behind, not needed - considered less than human (high expectations threat, considered spoiled, subject to unrest -
sub-standard for the "new world" - unmanageable), to be used and cast away, controlled (oppression vs. individualism, freedom - restrict and circumvent conditions of existence; created problems to expose activists(-ism): they have to know who you are -- the results, the costs of the SAGE-Corporate world to be shifted and blamed on these outcasts for their elimination (participation) from the 21st century - a new eugenics - began with the plan for the "weakening" of the 1st level - the medical control of a whole population [contami_nation]; life held in a vise - a manufactured society both in consent and control - the 2nd-3rd following close behind, with the ultimate aim of a new "elevated", extremely wealthy society, few in numbers (1B seems manageable, sustainable) - the rest eradicated by nature - a SAGE induced "natural balance" - survival of the fittest - social Darwinism - built on the backs of billions of discarded human beings.

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