Friday, October 9, 2009

The Technocratic Reality: Open_Notes 1

societal management vs. management of society; technology = harvesting - the harvesting of ourselves; the marketization (ie., www_profit) vs. the human potential, possibilities - a big jump in technology = a big drop in technological consciousness - "the technocratic class" - a profound anti-information society (mass media) - fragmentary linkages, breakdown in relationships between knowledge, judgement, perspective (media clips) - hunted down strategically; broken psychologically; defeated artificially; humiliated symbolically - "Kasparov Effect" (IBM Big Blue) for every man.

the triumph of technology = the coming chronic systematic unemployment, the surfacing of a new ruling global class, "the virtual class", and the simultaneous appearance of a "surplus class" - surplus bodies, surplus labor, surplus imagination, surplus culture - the dispossessed, surplus flesh - castoffs; the failed - the possessed vs. the dispossessed.

post-industrial society, economy, epitomized by global-investment market, 24/7 nanosecond stock trading - people control the technology - an extension of the industrial economy into a cybernetic phase - machine vision (being opened up) vs. human vision (being shut down) - cyberneti_corporations - the leasing of humanity - we have linked our identity to an expanding technology as the fullest measure possible of human freedom - technology is our deepest form of identity - technology is not outside of us, it is us.

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