Monday, October 19, 2009

The NWO Threat to America: excerpt 5

from Europe, the Illuminati migrated to the 13 colonies that we came to know as the United States of America - the US dollar bears the phrase "The New World Order", the Seal adopted by Congress in 1782, the Seal on the left depicts the unfinished pyramid, with the all-seeing eye in a blaze of glory - beneath the pyramid in latin are the word "novus ordo seclorum" which means "New World Order" - the designer of this great seal was Charles Thompson, the member of the Masonic Order who served as secretary to the Continental Congress - the pyramid has special meaning to the Masonic Order [note: Pyramidology, the Great Pyramid - "The Bible in Stone", has great significance to many within British-Israelism].

after WWI, President Woodrow Wilson produced the League of Nations in man's relentless pursuit of a one-world government - the League of Nations was the forerunner of the United Nations - then came Adolf Hitler who told the German people that he would produce a new order that would last a thousand years - he dragged Europe into the bowels of a living hell - the Nazi's were Satanists and Occultists - their objective was to cast God out of Europe, and allow Satan to rule Europe - Karl Marx and the Communists pledged a NWO, an atheistic, god-hating, evil empire that has now collapsed like a house of cards, and the citizens are in the street starving to death - their objective with their clenched fist in the face of God, was to cast God out [note: the SAGE manipulated and used both (engendering holocaust) to secure victory for themselves without regard to the human toll].

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