Monday, October 19, 2009

The NWO Threat to America: excerpt 6

listen closely, Karl Marx started the Communist Party with the Communist Manifesto that had ten political principles for a socialistic government, seven of them taken from the Illuminati - principle number one is the abolition of private property - let me give you this shocking fact - that the US government totally contrary to the Constitution now owns 35 per cent of all private land in the USA - fact: last year [1992] 56,000 people lost their property to the federal government for the violation of environmental laws they knew nothing about [note: the SAGE appropriation and misuse of environmental concerns for their own ends and the NGO's take the blame].

if you have your house paid for you still don't own it - because of the governments ability to raise taxes, when you retire on a fixed income and you can't pay the taxes, even though you own the house, you lose the house - which brings me to principle two of the Communist Party and of the Illuminati - the graduated income tax - Karl Marx said tax the rich and give it to the have-not's - Bill Clinton says tax the wealthy [note: not to be confused with the establishment], all those people who had all of those breaks in the 1980s and give it to those who don't have it - we are seeing in America the redistribution of wealth - we are seeing in America the masterful display of class warfare, of the politics of hatred - you are watching it everyday on the TV screen and you are seeing it in the media - the objective of the graduated tax is to take your wealth from you and give it to those people who will be captured and mastered by the one-world government - the government that's strong enough to give you everything, is strong enough to take everything from you.

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