Monday, October 19, 2009

The NWO Threat to America: excerpt 7

the third principle of the Communist Party was the creation of a national bank that controls the value of money - the US has the Federal Reserve that does exactly that - I don't have time to go into these other principles, only to say that our government is now trying to do every one of them at the same time - we are marching, ladies and gentlemen of America, into the sewer of a socialist state - our politicians are trying to bring to America a government that has failed in Russia and a government that has failed in Europe [note: the SAGE and their TNC's have always been monopolists, free-trade is not free-market, control is paramount - socialism has been used by the monied interests but has never been implemented in its true sense - it is regarded and hated due to its prejudiced selective implementation as just another tainted "-ism", a threat to freedom and individual rights] - they are deaf to the cries of the American people - they go beyond the Potomac and get Potomac fever bought by political action committees and foreign lobbyists - it is time for the American people to insist on term limitations - if you want to get control of your government insist on term limitations.

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