Monday, October 19, 2009

The NWO Threat to America: excerpt 9

four things have to happen before the NWO can take power in America; first there must be the systematic destruction of the monetary system; I believe America's economic problems are not created by market conditions; I believe they are planned and orchestrated to devalue and destroy the value of the US currency - it is done by a clever and powerful unseen government; consider the following: that our government deliberately abandoned the gold standard under which the US dollar was founded - in simple terms it's like building a house without a foundation - from that day the dollar has floundered and floated - our government and major US banks poured billions of dollars into Communist governments, gave the money to third world dictators who did not have the ability or desire to pay it back - why did America give these dictating Communist governments the money? - because, what few Americans know, that according to the Monetary Control Act of 1980, the Federal Reserve Board has the power to exchange US dollars for third world debt - the simple message is the banks will not lose one dime, but you ladies and gentlemen of America, you the taxpayers, will pay every dime of it, by order of the US government - Bill Clinton's new tax program will tax some of you 40 per cent in federal taxes - plug in state and local taxes and some of you are going to be paying 60 per cent taxes this year - spell that anyway you want to, but that's SLAVERY!

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