Monday, October 19, 2009

The NWO Threat to America: excerpt 10

I want to remind you that the American Revolution started when King George taxed our forefathers 1 per cent on the tea that they drank - they went to Boston harbor and threw the tea overboard - the Boston Tea Party needs to happen in American again - our government is out of control - bank failures are mounting, 1256 banks are on the federal regulators problem list - if banks go like the S&L's the FDIC is going to be wiped out - bankruptcies are at an all time high - last year one million Americans declared bankruptcy - 100,000 Corporations went bankrupt - you can't pick up a newspaper these days without tens of thousands of people being laid off by Corporate America because of the high acceleration of taxes that we are now carrying - mergers and hostile takeovers are now putting more and more of America's wealth into the hands of fewer and fewer, which is an exact cause of the crash of 1929.

now comes the common sense question - why can't Congress stop the death of the dollar and the hemorrhage of our economy - the fact is, Congress doesn't want to - the second fact is, Congress does not control America's economic destiny - our economic destiny is controlled by the Federal Reserve System - the Federal Reserve System is not a government institution - it is controlled by Class A stockholders among whom are numbered the Rothschild's of Europe and David Rockefeller - the Federal Reserve has no elected officials -the Federal Reserve has never been audited - the Federal Reserve determines the rate of interest which determines what your money is worth - the value of the dollar in your pocket is controlled by an organization that is not controlled by the American government or the American people - according to Article 1 Section E of the Constitution the Federal Reserve System is unconstitutional, but the media will not cover anyone who will call for its auditing.

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