Monday, October 19, 2009

The NWO Threat to America: excerpt 12

so why the flag waving in the Persian Gulf? - now writers are calling it victory without triumph because Saddam Hussein is alive and well - why the flag waving over that - to sell to the American people that the UN and the NWO is really the superior way to solve the problems on planet Earth -- here's what the NWO will mean to you spiritually and physically if the UN can ever take charge - 85 per cent of the UN consists of world representatives who hate America - to them America is the "Great Satan" - they pay 5 per cent of the operating cost of the UN, you pay 95 per cent, but they have most of the say - the UN traditionally votes against Israel - Zionism has been labelled by the UN as racism - are you willing to send US troops to fight Israel? - that's exactly what will happen if the NWO comes to power - are you willing for the UN to vote for the redistribution of the wealth of the nation?

listen to this - that means by international law, America's wealth can be taken from us, while the US Congress watches helplessly - that legislation is already in place in the UN - welcome to the NWO - they would love to get hold of your wealth and redistribute it to the nations that they say it should go to - are you willing for UN troops, Americans included, to invade San Antonio to shut down every church or synagogue that does not meet the UN mandate - in 1981 the General Assembly of the UN adopted the Declaration of the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and Discrimination Based On Religious Beliefs - the fact is when the third world UN delegates, who are Islamic, and in the majority, when they start voting they will command the UN to shut down every Christan Church and Jewish Synagogue because there is no place of compassion in Fundamentalist Islamic Theology for Christians or Jewish people.

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