Monday, October 19, 2009

The NWO Threat to America: excerpt 11

why would God allow America to go through a financial crisis, a financial collapse? - because the Bible says, "thou shall have no other God's before me" - money is America's god - it has replaced our love of God and our love of the family - the love of money has enthroned "self" as lord of all - the love of money has build cathedrals on every avenue of America, where we worship, called banks - some of you have sold your souls to the God of Mammon, which is the Bible word for big money - the god's of America are falling - the banks are falling, the S&L's are falling, I'm telling you that Wall Street will, in the future, fall - but I've got good news for you, God Almighty is not going to fall, "for thine is the kingdom, the power and glory forever," build on that kingdom.

the second thing that must happen before the NWO can come to power in America is the destruction of patriotism - the unseen government, those who want a one-world government, those who fund the professional politician whose only objective is to get re-elected, have since WWII orchestrated the destruction of patriotism - the Korean War was a UN war, a police action - for the first time in American history, our objective was not victory - the purpose was to portray America as a paper tiger - when Gen. Douglas MacArthur stood before the Congress of the United States, in his speech he said, "there is no substitute for victory" - history has proven Douglas MacArthur right, and the Congress wrong - America should never go to war without victory as its absolute and first priority - Vietnam was a controlled war - we couldn't attack Hanoi, we couldn't mine the harbours, we were forbidden to attack the enemy in Laos - the result - America was portrayed as a loser - patriotism went to an all time low - US soldiers returned home and were spat upon by US citizens - America owes the Vietnam Veterans a public apology for sending them into a war that they did not intend them to win - Vietnam was the fault of the US congress, pure and simple.

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