Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 10

genetic resonance:
_MBS [mind/body/soul] [physical, spiritual genetics - Human, Holy Spirit] reSONAnce [L resonantia, an echo], expressed as perSONA (the characteristics; the outer personality or facade presented to others by an individual) - SONAnce n. 1a) a sound b) a tune 2 the quality or state of being sonant; SONAnt adj. [L SONAns, sounding, prp. of SONAre, to sound] 1 of sound 2 having sound; sounding - n Phonet. 1 a syllabic consonant 2 a voiced sound -- active (sounding) thought -- music of the soul, paradigm symphony (a harmony of sounds, harmonious composition, an extended composition for full orchestra [ennead mentation] -- [OE swinsian] to sing, make music.

sonant mentation:
(frequency; 1 the condition of being crowded 2 the fact of occurring often or repeatedly) - to express, signal, indicate, or announce; free from defect, normal and healthy; not weak, diseased or impaired; firm and safe, stable, secure; based on truth or valid reasoning; accurate, reliable, judicious, sensible; deep and undisturbed; morally strong, honest, honorable, loyal > to measure the depth, to investigate, examine, probe, explore >> symposiac mentation (convivial, symposium, a conference, a collection of opinions, free exchange of ideas) >>> sonorous adj. producing or capable pf producing sound (SONA), esp. sound of full, deep, or rich quality; reSONAnt 2 full, deep, or rich; said of sound 3 having a powerful, impressive sound; HIGH sounding (HIGH knowledge) - sonority n. quality, state, or instance of being sonorous; reSONAnce -- SONA = a HIGH SOUNDING vs. a song and dance (talk, esp. an explanation, that is pointless, devious, or evasive), sophism.

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