Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 11

diapason n. (diapassion = SONA) [Gr symphonia, concord through all the notes] 1 the entire range of a musical instrument or voice 2 the entire range of some activity or emotion, etc. 3 a swelling burst of harmony 4 [Obs.] complete harmony; -- diapause n. a period of delayed development or growth accompanied by reduced (spiritual) metabolism and inactivity -- composition; a putting together, an arraignment of parts to form a unified, harmonious whole - the act of composing, creating by putting together a whole by combination of parts -- compose(d); to put (oneself, one's mind, etc.) in a state of tranquility or repose (to have trust; peace of mind; rest; harmony of form or color); calm; allay -- composer -- compos mentis [L] Law; of soundmind; sane -- resonate; 1 to be reSONAnt; resound 2 to produce resonance; to make resonant, 1 resounding, reechoing 2 producing resonance; increasing intensity of sounds by sympathetic vibration 3 of or in resonance.

DNA may not be a concrete code (definite form, specific) but rather a matrix [a womb, origin; that within which, or within and from which, something originates, takes form, or develops] of codes we might turn on or off through emotion (the mental cry, SONA) -- emotive triggers [love, awareness - actual opening of the mind, aiming the mind, focus (cognition+, healing, etc.); fear, hate, anger > thought chaos, cancer, disease, etc.; trauma, stress] -- generational genetic memory imprint - GROM, GRAM, GCOV - physical, spiritual triggers: subjects, events, persons, etc.

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