Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 13

"hands-on" touch therapy:
genetic resonance (self, family, mate vs. strangers, practitioners) - mate = exchange of genetics (fluids), spiritual link - resonance environment +/- stress, ie., family, workplace, nature, etc. - a belonging place - mate, family, friends, home, church, community, etc. - healing resonances - bonding, sexual healing - hands on love, concern - sympathetic vibration - reinforcement and prolongation of sona - echo n. [ME ecco, OE swogan, to sound, roar] sympathetic response - sonacate [sonicate vt. to subject (a cell, virus, etc.) to the energy produced by sound waves - sonication n. -sonicator n.] -- prayer (internal and external) and SONA = HEALING (DNA matrix activation - aiming the mind (matrix interface), matrix sounding > sonority) -- the Gift of the Holy Spirit = the SONA lock - bdcst link, intertwine (spiritual DNA), the progenitor embrace, safeguard > the expression.

recognize the harmonization of pain and emotion between mates, family and society - empathic (ability to share in another's emotions, thoughts, or feelings) empathy; empathetic -- we have to get beyond pain - pain threshold - pain tolerance can get worn out over time -- suppression only results in further progression of the stress causation over time.

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