Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 12

ennead(9) mentation (EM) > 10+ mentation matrix (MM)(formative spiritual molecules, cells > dendri-growth; Geol., the rock or earthy material in which a crystal, pebble, fossil, etc. is enclosed or embedded) -- the outer world mirrors the inner conditions of our consciousness -- individual scale > physical, spiritual environment - developmental coding - EM (EQ-IQ) > MM10+ (DNA Matrix Activation; DNAMA = Healing) - EQ (emotional intelligence, quotient) underpinnings of IQ, technical skills - self-awareness (reflection, the key to EQ), empathy, social skills, motivation, etc. - strength vs. stress, impulse - EQ-IQ orchestration (physical and spiritual link) - intellection persuasion - parallel intelligences(9) - knowing and managing one's emotions, the binding of intelligence - listen, feedback, overlay - brilliance, outstanding performance - catalyst to cooperation, collaboration > communitas -- quantifier of potential = SONA expression, integrity (values manifested) - mentation sensors - relationship(s) - paradigm shift.

sensorium n. pl. -ums, -ria, the whole sensory apparatus of the body - realm of non-locality - information - quantum information fields - the human brain as instrument - whisperings from the quantum realm - information from any point in the universe instantly accessible at any other point - coordination of the larger picture - imagination - "imagine that which you cannot imagine" [-Terrance McKenna] - imagineer.

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