Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 2

Mind (Spiritual Garden of Eden) watered (nourished) becomes fertile for life - mind (unnourished) = drought (mind baked/consumed from the wild fires within) - every human being must ignite the spark (gift at conception - the human spirit, mind) - but you must control the fire (tongue of fire -instinct/passions) or the fires in the mind of man will consume you - mind must be refined (freed from impurities/polished) and tempered (to bring to the right degree of hardness by heating and cooling) - heating and cooling achieved by the "physical/spiritual fires" and the "water of life" - knowledge and responsibility (God's living active Laws) feeds, nourishes the mind to achieve the proper temperature for refinement - anneal vt. annealer n. [ME anelen; OE anaelan, to burn; an-, on + aelan, to burn; al, ael, fire; 1 Obs. to fire or glaze, as in a kiln 2 to heat (glass, metals, etc.) and then cool them slowly to prevent brittleness 3 to strengthen and temper (the mind, will, etc.)].

Refined/Tempered Mind = Fiery Stones (Mynd) = Spiritual Alchemy -- Alchemist - Philosopher's STONE (Christ the Word); TouchSTONE = Christ's righteousness (our example - any test or criterion for determining genuineness or value) -- Alchemy - its chief aims were to turn base metals into gold and silver (character) - 1 to discover the elixir of perpetual youth (water of life) 2 a method or power of transmutation; esp. the seemingly miraculous change of a thing into something better (beget, to acquire; begotten)].

Mind must open and become a vessel (Ark) for "depth of being" - the more depth achieved, the more refined/tempered the vessel must become to hold the depth (God mind/wisdom) and the weight (dominion/responsibility) - man making himself god (becoming a law unto himself) ignites the wild fires (instinct/passions) which out of control consume the mind - man's passions released (becoming law themselves) burns hot in the mind of man and consumes (the vessel becomes brittle) - the less the refinement, the more shallow the depth of being, and the less from the Fountain of Life he/she can drink to quench the fires of the mind and therefore the mind is less tempered and nourished.

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