Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 3

Mental Landscape:
* Terrafirma - firm earth, good earth, solid foundation (composition).
* Terracotta - baked earth (pottery, earthen vessels).
* Terraincognita - 1. an unknown land; unexplored territory; 2. an unknown or unexplored field of knowledge.
* Tectonics = the art of making things that have both beauty and usefulness - construction, building, architecture (terraforming); plates and layers of (spiritual) rock.
* Plate Tectonics - forces of (crustal structure) deformation - molten rock (emotional fires within).

* Deep-seated eruptions (urges, emotions) - volcano's.
* Intrusion n. intrusive adj. - [forced (invasion) into or between other (solid) rocks while in a molten state; 2 formed of such rock; the body of rock resulting from such invasion].
* Earthquakes (shaken in mind) vs. mental terrain, landscape.
* Chasm - a deep surface crack, abyss, any break or gap (a wide divergence of feelings, sentiments, interests, etc.; rift) - split along my fault lines.
* Caverns - gaps, voids, emptiness within.
* Tsunami (waves of thought, ie. assumption, doubt, anxiety, grief, etc.)
* Oceans of the mind - mental capacity, flowing undercurrents of mind - life support system.

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