Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 7

mematrix (memory matrix), mematrices - memoro-[genetics] - mem[gene] - cubisian six-sided code, 12 i/o gates - memory building blocks - 5-sense, 7-basic-intelligence (12) + 6th sense (singularity) physical/spirit - patterns of [inheritance] memory - memorosomes [chromosomes] - memgenes - memgenes occur in linear fashion along the memorosome - they themselves are linear structures - STRINGS OF THOUGHT.

- [meem] anything copied, ie., culture, ads (infections), songs, education, religion (virus of the mind), etc.;
- idea's, behaviours, habits, etc., like passed on gene's;
- thought savers;
- the movement of knowledge;
- meme's active, all of science meme's;
- units of culture, self-replicating, human agency, human utility;
- symbolic meanings; beauty, style, slang;
- memetic evolution, development;
- meme's in charge; masking of influence, power, control;
- [rote n. a fixed, mechanical way of doing something; routine; (thinking, meme) - by rote, by memory alone, without understanding or thought; to answer by rote];
- replicators - genes, memes > novel design;
- individual immune response (filters);
- meme's and meme copying apparatus - meme's copying themselves, ie., computers writing software, the Internet, etc.;
- [blinded by the stream (learning by books, etc., perspective, sense of history being lost by instant access to info) - no need to retain knowledge - there to retrieve again, anytime];
- meme's forcing the gene's (brain) to do their bidding, forcing the hand - yet a symbiotic relationship;
- memeticist;
- thoughts (creating form, projection of oneself in that direction, creating our own reality, design process);
- responsibility lies with the meme's.
-- ["Meme" based on NPR, author, professor Susan Blackmore, "The Meme Machine" May.99]

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