Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 6

Mental Climate (con't):
* Compacted snow (solid ice, time) glaciers etching the surface.
* Chilly disposition - hot tempered - reason clouded - winds of change - to wet, moisten the appetite - bright eyes - genial climate.
* Boiling up inside (emotional intensity, instability, convection).
* Invective firestorm consuming all opposition.
* Warming up to someone, to a subject, etc. (snow melting).
* Weathering the storm > clarity (clear wx).
* Weathering the mind - wearing down, erosion.
* Weather map, forecasts (daily, long range, projection models); (batten down the hatches, window shutters, preparation, etc.).

* Huge volcanic eruptions - ash, smoke - cooling - ice ages.
* Sea level reduced by water locked into huge ice sheets.
* Deep valleys created by glaciers - mountains ground down.
* Polar ice caps - key role in driving deep ocean currents - water chilled - the cold water sinks to form a deep water current > equator - crucial role in moving heat around and regulating our climate - threatened by global warming.
* Global warming - when surface currents change they affect the whole biosphere - trade winds, rainfall, drought, increased intensities of storms, etc.

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