Friday, October 9, 2009

The Technocratic Reality: Open_Notes 2

the computers are supposed to serve us - we are the one's supposed to be getting smarter, better, able to do things - they are supposed to open us up to more freedoms not less - an embedded computer environment - a wired culture - electronic collars - profound miscomprehension of how power operates in our society - the illusion of freedom, of democracy, of protection of civil liberties, of privacy - the lack of respect for our_own -- stark vision - to think realistically today is to think radically, pessimistically - a huge price being paid by humanity for the coming-to-be of the technocratic reality - no broad-based, ethical discussions - we must raise questions, public debate vs. new forms of reality - The Knowledge of Good and Evil - culture of lies; betrayal of trust - awareness of society: withdrawal, retraction in horror; anger > corrosive cynicism > alienation vs. unity, loyalty - the informed space - media thick, time urgent - where am I? - image glutted society - human hatred in graphic detail - the past represented in the present; a future where the past is still there -- saturated with the past - worried about the future - dwell in the present moment - responsibility for the future? - history has been abused - our roots into the past - an invented social synthetic - virtuosity (virtual (image) reality - perishable, temporary - temporal).

nano-surgery on genes - nanotechnology - pharmaceutical, surveillance technologies, etc. - the potential there - a matter of will and law - consumers prepped in advance - no passive consumption allowed - protection of corporate investments - ideology of facilitation, ie., "life" sciences - everything is gradual, becomes acceptable (incremental changes) - silent, unsuspecting, not brought to a level of articulation, consciousness [STEALTH] - extraction of the human_species > machine consciousness.-- [Notes 1,2][based on CBC, The Passionate Eye, Road Stories for the Flesh-Eating Future; Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, authors "Hacking the Future", Sep.99]

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