Monday, October 19, 2009

The Trilateral Commission: excerpt 1

Trilateral Commission: World Shadow Government -- the Trilateral Commission was established in 1973 - its founder and primary financial angel was international financier, David Rockefeller, longtime chairman of the Rockefeller family-controlled Chase Manhattan Bank and undisputed overlord of his family's global corporate empire - Rockefeller's idea for establishing the Commission emerged after he had read a book entitled "Between Two Ages" written by an Establishment scholar, Prof. Zbigniew Brzezinski of Columbia University.

in his book Brzezinski proposed a vast alliance between North America, Western Europe and Japan - according to Brzezinski, changes in the modern world required it - "resist as it might," Brzezinski wrote elsewhere, "the American System is compelled gradually to accommodate itself to this emerging international context, with the US government called upon to negotiate, to guarantee, and, to some extent, to protect the various arrangements that have been contrived even by private business" - in other words, it was necessary for the international upper class to band together to protect its interests, and to ensure, in the developed nations, that political leaders were brought to power who would ensure that the global financial interests (of the Rockefeller's and the other ruling elites) would be protected.

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