Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The World In A Minute: Open_Notes 2

journalistic feeding-frenzy - "Watergate envy" lurks in the mind of many a journalist - responsible reporting? - "a new media dynamic," instant deadlines - 24h news channels, Internet, etc. - competitive pressure - anonymous sources used to prejudge the truth, the issue - 2nd hand sources "if true" - driven by the next exclusive - that "kind" of reportage - breaching old rules of good judgement, taste - sloppy reporting - further, faster, less responsible, more pandering to rating boosts - wider forces driving the new news business - tabloid influences - "news business" becoming "show business."

tabloid moments of the new TV age - images aired - icons of the new media - the dumbing down of the media - a fragmenting TV market, blurring the lines between news and the tabloids - entertainment value - the downward slide of mainstream news - profit, lowest common denominator news - "the world in a minute" vs. documentaries - media excesses a symptom - persons not institutions (the real issues) examined - big 3 networks 30% less foreign news than 10 years ago - feeding people what they want to know not what they need to know - WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION - viewer, reader, listener beware! - quality of the information? - question whether to trust the messenger. -- [based on CBC, National Magazine, "Sex, Lies, and the News", May.27.98]

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