Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The World In A Minute: Open_Notes 1

public declining confidence in the media, cresting wave of dissatisfaction, quiet anger, disappointment - media volume increasing, quality decreasing - news judgement, truth? - media seminars, postmortums vs. dirty hands - collective animus vs. media -- "necessary illusions", "manufacturing consent" (1988) - 1930s > propaganda - governments basically the instruments of the rich and powerful - complicity, collusion - participants end up in positions of authority (systemic values internalized) - media_business - the internet rerouting around the media - commercialized in 1995 - systemic control of portals a priority - too powerful a device in the hands of the people > democratization, big changes in the public consciousness vs. 01% owns 50% of the stocks, 10% own most of the rest - 1990s "fairy-tale" economy is exactly that - 5000 Iraqi children die every month to enable Arab (client states) oil profits to flow to the US-Britain, etc. -- [based on CBC, Noam Chomsky, Sep.17.99]

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