Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dissociated Path: Open_Notes 12

free-market capitalism needs a Bill of Rights vs. crony capitalism -- social democracy vs. commercial democracy - social economic council; consensus, strategy; national accord; social justice; efficiency; cooperation; public and private consensus, commitment -- Bull Market = GOLDEN CALF - holding your interest - monetarily, systemically, spiritually - money symbolizes power - compassion does not fit into the equation - enterprise without conscience, personal and commercial - corporate poachers - venture (vulture) capitalism - banking merger-mania (service scales, globalization); less "channels of delivery" (branches); public choosing electronic banking - world financial landscapes changing - (re)establishing global position, large capital bases to secure large development deals - global financial momentum vs. national governments, merger objections -- economic, social cohesion - just-in-time based technology (distribution) - value-chained system - economic system substrates -- market psychology, systems on systems = virtual commodity based system - promise of implied worth -- virtual layers -- the market does not reflect reality; it reflects the imagined reality of others - MOLTEN IMAGE (shifting, shaped) - global (in)securities - figures don't lie, but liars figure - criminals purchasing respectability.

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