Thursday, October 15, 2009

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 14

mind icons, dream icons - metaphors (an implied comparison) - experimentation with metaphor - inner dialogue, subconscious level - representative substitutions - GRAVEN IMAGE - the "hunger" of the mind - substitution danger - role-playing, mimicry - fantasy replication - replicant regression (what may have been) - replicant progression (what may yet be) - deeply etched overriding needs, wants - physical release - selfish (emotional) gratification - everyone has a small corner of their mind willing to be exploited - they want to be someone else - emotional roles, deep pleasure lock - feeding a hunger that has been repressed - just below the surface, running deep - a willing participant - obtrude n. obtrusive adj. - [1 to thrust forward; push out; eject 2 to offer or force (oneself, one's opinion, etc.) upon others unasked or unwanted] - intrusion.

addiction (Satan's Way) vs. adoption (addition to the Family of God) - our OS (individual Operating System) rules of behaviour - a combination of addiction and pattern - authored within, influenced from without - the insanity when held in the grip of obtrusive mental states; ie., lack of worth, inadequacy, alone in the world, addiction (craving, desire demands [academic, recreational sex, etc.], loss of control, ability to stop), etc. - loss of power over faculties (including response pathways, will to do) - battle for control of the mind - molten rock searing reason - filling the gaps, voids, emptiness within - letting loose the daemons (reasoning's, justifications, obsessions, etc.) - stirring the pot (mindbrew) - spinning the emotional compass.

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