Thursday, October 15, 2009

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 15

depressed mental state; momentary pot holes, pin holes in the psyche - reinforcement boost ie. alcohol, drug intake; masturbation - OPENING CLOSED DOORS - trigger craving - embedded vulnerability to recapture and relive - pulled back (relapse) - associative learning, emotional memory (content, significance, emotional lock, ie. sexual) - roots into the deep recesses of the brain - below reason - the survival part of the brain - the nature of the beast - sacrifice of self (addiction) vs. self-sacrifice (adoption).

release the weight - pull the psychological linchpins - pull the wheel off the axle - break the circle - recovery is about change, freedom, honesty - daily process of change - the power of unmasking - over, not under the influence - we are tempted by the lusts (authored, developed) within - keep the doors closed, locked - erase the scripts, documents of the mind - get back on your feet (mindwalk), even footing vs. slipping, falling - I am worth life - road to recovery - journey away from addiction - a journey of many small steps - a daily reprieve (Grace) - addiction is a long, long journey away from ourselves - recovery is the long, long journey back to ourselves.

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