Thursday, October 15, 2009

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 3

freedom = appreciation of necessity - understanding the nature of the outside world and controlling our reactions and interactions to it - situational intelligence - assimilation of knowledge - knowledge; understanding; wisdom (application) - an enormous difference in what we know and in what we understand - interactive, tailored instruction - facilitators, guides - Consilience: the Unity of Knowledge (Unified Knowledge Theory) - universe of study vs. world of study (viewpoint) - it takes the whole world to tell you who you are -- the CONVIVUENCE, a universe of information - the CONVIVENCIA, a personal pilgrimage (era, time) - the CONVIVIUM, a feast together, learning, enjoying life (knowledge, food, music, contemplation) -- take a survey of your mind, your world - perceptual filters - learn to separate knowledge from noise - signal to noise ratio - theory or belief? - the nature of thought, how it creates reality.

take the question as far as it goes - let it become a cry !! - an aching sound > SONA -- it's all about being taken care of -- for some, suffering is the crucible where faith begins, for others, suffering is where faith ends -- force upon opponents a conversation -- faith vs. modernity -- the message is so so dark that you lose the audience -- mankind has lost its way -- our anti_consciousness - globally pervasive - less and less workable - not prophecy, reality !! -- we have to look within - examine our humanity - a collective sleep-walking - pain or understanding lies ahead of us - mankind has a terminal illness - you have to cure the disease not just attend to the symptoms - the real transformation is individual - all the collective efforts in the historical record to solve the world's problems have failed - only ourselves, our individual being, can stop the progression > the end of love, true love (agape), as opposed to selfish love - what happens to my brother happens to me - are we going to damn our own future?

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