Thursday, October 15, 2009

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 4

apply reason to very complex issues - statistical picture - select design parameters to fit the picture perfectly - evaluation of many designs necessary - components, ie. (sailing through life): sail must capture the wind to drive forward [open mind] - hull must cut through water with minimum drag [sharp intellect] - keel must provide stability without adding extra weight [character] - width of boat critical variable +/- width - speed vs. stability [path] - single number description of good mathematical design [gate] - enabler of consensus - pull together, get behind the common design - believe.

cross-tabulation analysis - mental maps vs. an ever shifting landscape - re-calibration vs. calibration drift - (people are equations, some complex, some simple - we arrive at answers differently - many variables to arrive at a solution - the "Human Equation" a complex whole) - mathematics - life by the numbers - the fuel of the information age - informatics - the game of numbers - crunching numbers - statistics, strategy - competitive edge, analysis (data reports, statistical relationships). patterns, tendencies are revealed in numbers - percentages - game plan - performance in mathematical terms - ratios - best estimate based on a given set of measurements - precision thinking.

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