Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 10

Consequence Code Method: decoding life by studying consequences makes options clearer, decisions easier, and minimizes conflict - free yourself from beliefs and actions that cause unnecessary pain and prevent living fully -- focus: 1 the benefits and costs to you and others by your actions; 2 the search for harmony between desires and responsibilities - no jargon - no excuses - goal: clarity of vision.

deep personal unfoldment - learn to listen to your body, learn from your emotions - anger, shame, hurt, depression, sadness - and empower yourself with "integrated bodywork" - what becomes of feelings that have no voice, no place to go? - understand the meaning behind the suffering and thus help release it - explore the conscious and unconscious aspects of a problem - freedom from the beliefs, feelings and behaviours that result in emotional pain and repetitive, reactive patterns that keep you stuck - life's options open up as you learn to respond rather than react, resulting in 1 healthy, intimate, satisfying relationships 2 more success in work and career 3 joy, ease, and pleasure in life itself 4 aliveness and authenticity. [based on Shared Vision Magazine]

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