Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 9

searching for meaning in other human beings - the best mirror you can look into is an old friend - we all have a longing for home (family) - life partner - family - choosing and mixing your DNA - reproducing self - the woman returns to the man from whence she came - one flesh - genetically and spiritually - I want to be the type of man that you will marry - it's not only how much you love someone, it's who you are when you're with that person - role - needed, loved, etc. - a couple - a sense of "us" - when something's your own, your roots are sunk deep, and shoots spring up around them - that's what holds things together - poor as dirt, and as rich as the earth - if you are safe and secure then a part of me is also - love isn't something we have, it is something that we do - love isn't something we change, it is something that changes us - in a climate of encouragement, human beings can do amazing things.

the value of creating, exercising our imagination - quiet, confident pride - the inner landscape - share with a "creative circle" - be a self-starter rather than a painter-by-numbers - harmony (perSONA) - composed as a picture - happiness is not about getting more - it is about enjoying what we have - purpose of life is happiness and our happiness is founded in self-awareness and self-acceptance - body/mind integrated - we cannot understand ourselves apart from our environment - therefore focus on what you are experiencing and on how you are choosing to act in the present - a person is measured by the quality of his friends (by the company he keeps) - family: interacting with my genealogical lineage.

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