Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 11

issues to deal with: emotional, physical and sexual abuse - addictive and obsessional behaviour - relationship issues and co-dependency - anxiety and depression - self-expression; Creativity and energy vs. pressure and stress; sense of freedom vs. feeling trapped; self-worth vs. low self-esteem; ease in relating vs. poor relationships; acceptance vs. resentment; clarity vs. guilt; confidence vs. fear.

imagine life to be an ongoing peak experience - recover the real self - reconnect with your energy and creativity - refine skills to realize your goals and reinstate your personal power - lighten up - dissolve fears and blocks at the fundamental level - relief from struggle, pain and suffering - all activity can become activity which enlightens, rather than hard work and serious business - put fun, joy and ease into self-improvement - more satisfying work and love relationships - a deeper capacity for excitement and happiness - a vibrant connection to dreaming and intuition - healthy self-confidence -- a healthier connection to community - the power of love - community immunity - you live as long as people remember you - generate happiness and peace-of-life out of ourselves -- if I give you me - HEALING !! [based on Shared Vision Magazine]

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