Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 3

freedom without choice - buying the dream - America no longer exists -- regain your freedom not by patriotism, being a patriot, but by withdrawal, refusal to participate as weapon - EXPATRIATISM - regain your humanity -- money (the emmonic (emotion/money)) detaches the human from humanity; separates the human from his humanity - people perceiving walls that are not there -- communitarian = human_scale sovereign community(-ies) -- spiritual loss = guilt; spiritual gain = courage; empty the cauldron of guilt, fill the cauldron with courage -- freedom based on money is freedom based on debt and is therefore not freedom at all - someone has to pay (to whom? is the question we all should be asking) - freedom based on the enslavement of others is sin of the highest magnitude - personal gain at the expense of others = evil -- "question established cultural values - most political agenda's deny consequences - the
-ism's - the assumption of the absence of spirit - the systemic momentum fatal - we have to deflect the momentum" [-Terence McKenna] -- collective states of mind serving the SAGE agenda - misdirection of life energy.

seeing patterns where others see only confusion - walking the line between hope and caution - operating outside the standard protocol - inner reality / outer reality - the things around you determine how you feel - enrichment of life - going through change - displaced - emotional turmoil - inner doubts - rationalizations - surrendering to our own fears, terror, before surrendering to the enemy - fear should be respected - only we ourselves can give us another chance - God does not abandon us, we abandon ourselves - free yourself from fears of unfamiliar feelings that block growth toward creativity and intimacy - deepen and enrich your connection with others.

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