Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 4

Mental Climate:
* Sun = light of the mind, spirit in man, (+ Holy Spirit > intensity^).
* Atmosphere of the mind - water (thought, cognition).
* Watering the mind - nutrient release; roots deep > knowledge, understanding, wisdom - good earth GRAM (Genetic Random Access Memory) - to develop (grow) character.
* Firm earth - instincts, emotions - GROM (Genetic Read Only Memory).
* Air masses (attitudes, frame of mind, outside influences, etc.)
* Cold frontal systems (heavier air, unreceptive, hard).
* Warm frontal systems (lighter air, inviting, open, kind).
* Pressure gradients - wind speed (influences, events, worries, etc.), currents, trade winds, high altitude jet streams (nervousness, pulling the top of the mind, spinning).
* Low pressure system (low tolerance, mental pressure) - cloud, storms - pressure falling - shallow/deep depression - anticlockwise rotation.
* High pressure system (high tolerance, mental pressure) - clear, sunny - clockwise rotation - running in tandem.
* Increasingly agitated, heightened mental state - global warming (emotions; ie., frustration, anger) - adiabatic lapse rate - change of temperature with height - determines convection (emotional) intensity.
* Moisture content (humidity, thought ingredients, density of mind).
* Dew point (condensation of thought, emotional awareness, attention).
* Condensation nuclei (stimuli, bits and pieces, fragments of knowledge) - particulate pollution.
* Cold air, less moisture capacity (closed mind).
* Warm air, high moisture capacity (open mind).
* Condensation (heat engine).
* MIND STORMS (differing intensities).
* Clouds - 13 types, 3 altitude levels.
* Clouds - partly (thin) scattered, scattered; partly cloudy (thin broken), cloudy (broken); thin overcast, overcast.(ME cloude, clude, orig., mass of rock, hense mass of cloud < OE clud, mass of rock).

- cumulus, cu - everyday thought, fair-weather
- stratocumulus, sc - multiple thought, flowing together
- cumulus fractus, cf - thought fractured by the winds
- stratus, st - low pressure, overcast
- nimbostratus, ns - low pressure, heavy overcast
- towering cumulus, tc - thought convection, emotions
- cumulonimbus, cb - mind storm > reaching through all levels
- altocumulus, ac - everyday thought
- altocumulus castillanus, acc - thought convection, castles of the mind, on the defensive
- altostratus, as - low pressure, thickening, overcast
- cirrus, ci - everyday thought, high winds
- cirrocumulus, cc - high-level instability
- cirrostratus, cs - advance of weather system, halo

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